Monday, March 13, 2023

Not Just a Mom - Day in the Life, Weekend Edition

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For today's topic, we are sharing a Day in the Life - Weekend Edition.  I chose to document Saturday the 4th.  This was not a normal Saturday because we woke up in a hotel room. Southern Ontario was getting a major snowstorm overnight Friday into Saturday morning and we did not want to have to drive to the ski hill in that weather so we got a hotel room for Friday night and left after school instead.  

The boys actually slept together but Q had already come over to snuggle with me when he woke up.  Best part of a hotel room is TV in the morning :)

Setting out the ski clothes for everyone.

Buffet breakfast at the Midland Quality Inn.

Fruit loops and waffles are a must when you're at a hotel!

I always make a breakfast sandwich so the eggs are easier to choke down.  Those potatoes were pretty great though!

A quick 20 minute drive to the ski hill.  It was Club Championship Day so parents and siblings could race too.  Q was so excited to race and he wore one of the speed suits we had procured this year that was a little small for E.

The race started at 10:00 for the club kids and parents and siblings were after that so we had some time to ski on our own first.

It was nice to have some fresh snow down, but it was heavy and wet and the snow got pretty chunky as the day went on and it was hard to ski.

Dave fell while standing still!

We went inside to eat our lunch and actually missed E's race :(  we thought we had time but the live scoring was slightly behind and we didn't realize how quickly they were running through the racers.  Oh well, we have seen several of his races already this year!

Then the sun came out!  This is the bottom of the race course.  

Waiting at the bottom for Dave and Q.  I chose not to race!  (obscure Seinfeld reference if you get it)

One of the parents took photos of everyone. 

Then we all got a free Beaver Tail and enjoyed them slopeside with our friends.

Mini-season end photo shoot!

E and his coach.

Then I went inside to start setting up for the end of season banquet.  It had a Mardi Gras theme.

The kids managed themselves :)

The food was really good and the company was great!  They gave out awards for each age group and E won the Spirit Award for the U12s.  He was so excited.  Of course it was hard to get a photo.

Then we packed ourselves up and went back to our hotel.  Q wasn't long for the world.

Check back in with us next month for Favourite Cleaning Hacks.

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  1. Oh I am SO happy to see a day in the life of skiing and a ski race!!! What a FUN way to spend a weekend. A great way to get outside, do something physically active, but also be with friends. I grew up skiing but we never had ski racing with friends. You Canadians sure know how to make winter sports even more fun!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  2. Such a fun weekend! Though you would not have found me slope-side I would have enjoyed the hotel, the beavertails and the awards night. LOL

  3. sounds like a fun day. i never thought of making an egg sandwich at the hotel breakfast.

  4. What a great weekend! I love hotel buffet breakfasts, they have so many varieties of things that I wouldn't normally eat. Congrats to E on winning the spirit award! I LOL'd at the Seinfeld reference!!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time. I am just wondering how you manage the chores at home to keep the weekend totally free?

    1. I do laundry throughout the week and pick up groceries on either Friday or Monday. Our house is never totally clean at one time, but that's not a ski season thing, that's just how we do things.

  6. What a treat to wake up in a hotel room and what an exciting day with all of the skiing. It looks like you all had a great day.

  7. What a fun Saturday. I'm so intrigued by the ski life...I think I would be like Dave and fall down before getting started (although I'm sure he's a great skier!) My kids love a hotel breakfast. haha

  8. Looks like a lot of fun! I never liked skiing myself but I always think it looks fun and exciting when I see photos.