Monday, February 13, 2023

Not Just A Mom - House Rules


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Our topic for today is House Rules, and we have some fun ones at our house.

No fry left behind.  That means all fries in the bag (mostly McDonalds) are to be eaten!

Any invitation to a sporting event (Raptors, Maple Leafs, Blue Jays) gets priority.  Meaning if Dave and I get an invite to one of those, we don't need to clear it with the other person, it is assumed we can go and the other person will cover whatever else needs to be done at home. 

Working out time also gets priority.  If someone is trying to fit in a workout and that means they aren't helping with dinner or whatever, that's okay. 

Movie lights and good sound when watching TV in the basement.  The movie lights are the dimmed wall sconces, not the overhead pot lights, and the good sound is the receiver, not the TV speakers. You will be scolded if you are found using the "wrong" ones. 

No walking or driving on fresh snow in the driveway.  For some of you, you may not know what the implications of that are, but it leaves footprints and tire tracks behind even after shovelling, unless you really work to scrape it off, so shovelling must be done first.  Example, we got home for a weekend of skiing and found fresh snow, even though we were tired, we parked in the street, all got out to shovel the driveway, and then pulled in to park.

No kicking the snow and ice from the car mud flaps on the driveway.  Although that is one of my favourite things to do, we don't want that chunky dirty ice on our driveway, so you've got to do it when you're parked somewhere else.

(And staying with the snow theme) the portion of the sidewalk in front of our house must be the cleanest. One of my pet peeves is people that don't keep their sidewalk clear, so we always want to be good citizens, and ideally people will tell us how good our sidewalk is (we are so humble, haha).

Everyone gets their own bowl of chips when watching a movie.  Then no one can be accused of hogging the bowl or eating too fast. 

Dad isn't allowed to sing song if he doesn't know the words.  He always sings "even though you know" along with the tune, but we all find that annoying.

(For Dave and me), if an opportunity comes up to say "that's what she said", we can't let it pass by.  I know, so lame, but the inspiration of Michael Scott is alive and well in our house.

(Not so much a rule but a known fact), if Mom (me) doesn't come back down from putting Q to bed after 30 minutes, she isn't coming back.  It means I've fallen asleep and Dave and E can carry on with whatever show they want to watch without me. 

No screens before school or skiing.  We have found that it just causes too many problems to take the screens away in order to leave the house, so we just eliminated altogether. 

What rules do you follow in your house?

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  1. Haha! I had a good chuckle reading these fun rules. No fry left behind! That’s gold 😊

  2. love your house rules, especially no fry left behind. I am guilty for the if you don't hear my footsteps after putting Anna to bed I have fallen asleep in her bed too

  3. You have lots of fun rules! It really is so hard to shovel those foot and tire tracks... but we do it all the time!... and just leave those snowy/icy chunks behind. My parent's town actually fines people if they don't shovel the sidewalk and according to town bylaws it has to be "clean enough for a wheelchair to use."

  4. I LOVE your house rules. I didn't join in because I couldn't think of any. But I think I'm going to read the linked posts and then come up with some. We definitely have the snow ones, including the "no kicking ice chunks off" and "try and be the cleanest sidewalk." So Canadian :)

  5. These are so good! LOL. I loved reading this. The snow rules are great!

  6. What fantastic rules. They did make me smile. I love the no fry left behind one that is a rule here too hehehe and I think I should bring the rule about not singing a song if you don't know the words into my house. My girls will mumble and just hum along which is so annoying.

  7. I love the mix of silly and purely practical! The rule about your husband singing cracked me up! We've had some truly goofy specific rules at our house over the years, and I feel like they mostly involve food. No taking peanut butter to your room, for instance. LOL