Thursday, February 16, 2023

Three Things

Three things going on with us at this moment:


1. Q has improved at skiing so much, and not just in his abilities on the slopes (using his poles, jumps, box jumps, nice turns) but also he can get his boots and skis on by himself, and he can get on and off the lift by himself.  It makes our day go so much more smoothly.

2. We are planning a trip to Disney and Universal and although Q is tall enough for all of the rides at Disney, there are a few that he is too short for at Universal.  We aren't going for several months so we told him he needs to grow a bit.  It's a good incentive to finish up his dinner!

3. We are still working on Q's reading in French and English.  It's slow going, but we're all trying!


1. E decided to do Valentine's at the last minute for everyone in his class, and it turned out he was the only one in his class that did them.  But he was pleased that he wrote them out for everyone, and although disappointed he didn't get any back, it was okay.  It's not like people brought Valentines for everyone else but him.

2. He has taken to reading the lyrics along with the songs on Spotify.  I used to try to memorize lyrics of songs all the time so it's nice to see him taking after me.

3. E had a great report card this week, he's been working hard, and although he still gets a "Satisfactory" for organization, his actual marks are good. 

Dave and Me

1. We are going skiing today by ourselves.  I was invited to a ski day through work and I was allowed to bring a guest.  The kids will be at school so it's fairly easy for us to get away.  We get to try a a new ski hill so it should be fun.

2. Dave gets to go to California for a trip later this spring and I get to tag along, so we are planning that. 

3. And speaking of planning, we need to start putting together some real ideas for our house renovation. We have the construction plans, but there are of course many details for tile, flooring, paint, etc. that we will need to consider.  It's not our first time renovating a space, but this is the largest project to do all at once. 


  1. I am jealous you are going to Disney. I was supposed to be headed there this week.

  2. what are you renovating??? very exciting :). also--i have boys in grades 8, 6 and 3, and for the older grades, if they're reluctant to give out actual valentines (as no one else is giving them out), baking a treat for the class is always a sure win.

  3. How exciting to plan a trip to Disneyland and universal studios. You guys are so lucky that it’s not too far for you to get there. It’s so interesting how Valentine’s Day is quite big over there. It hardly gets a mention over here. Enjoy your ski day with your husband!

  4. Oh, I can't wait to hear more about your house renovation! And YAY for a day of skiing just the two of you. I think I would enjoy skiing more without our kids -- at least right now. Dave is going to California for a work trip this summer but I can't go with him because it's one of my busiest times at work -- boo :(