Thursday, February 9, 2023

Random Thursday Thoughts

A few random thoughts from me today:

Do you ever have a week where you haven't gone grocery shopping and start cobbling together meals from what is already in your house?  That was me this week.  I was out of the house both days on the weekend and didn't get a chance to put together our meal plan (and you know, sometimes I'm just meal planned out!), and then I worked in the office on Monday and Tuesday so no time for errands on those days.  On Monday we had scrambled eggs and the hashbrowns and sausage rolls we had in the freezer. On Tuesday I made macaroni and cheese using up the odds and ends of various pasta shapes and whatever cheese we had in the fridge.  We did put together a decent meal last night - trout, homemade french fries, and sautéed greens.  Tonight we will all be out around supper time at different things so it's every person for themselves.  I may pick up something downtown before coming home and Dave may have to grab takeout for the boys. 

I took a couple of weeks off from working out for various reasons, but this week I was back.  I made a little schedule for myself to stick too, and it's been all of three days, but this is me.  

(eat healthy and work out)

I want to make a pie chart of all the things I do in a day.  It feels like it's one thing after another and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!  Here is a list of the various categories of things:

Personal Hygiene 


Food Preparation





Personal Life Organization (like planning holidays, summer camps, etc.)

Social Media Scrolling

Listening to Podcasts and Music

Helping with schoolwork

Taking kids to sports/activities


Watching TV


Staying in touch with family and friends

I know this is not unique to me, we are mostly all doing these things, but it does seem sort of eye-opening when you write it all down.  No wonder we are tired!

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  1. We had a random eating week this past week too because I was sick and no one else really cooked. Some weeks are just like that. And yes, I love how you listed out everything you accomplish in a day -- also, why does "Personal Life Organization" take up So. Much. Time?!?!?!