Friday, February 3, 2023

Friday Favourites


The weather finally turned cold this week so I was able to wear my new mittens I got for myself at Aritzia after Christmas. They are like puffy coats for your hands. I had to get the white ones, and am trying very hard to keep them clean (and they are machine washable).  Highly recommend these mittens.

Earlier this week I posted about what's on my desk.  A few people commented about my view so I took a photo of that view unobstructed by my monitor.  I love being in the city.

I made one of my favourite soups for supper this week, Lemony Lentil.  Unfortunately my family doesn't share my penchant for soup but I enjoyed it!!

Q had the bread and cheese only, as he didn't care for the soup (although he did try it!).

Dave has a new hobby, ski tuning.  The race club had a clinic last week to show people how to do the tuning and waxing and why it is important, and Dave thought he would get all of the components and do it himself rather than having to take it into the ski store.  He's starting out with mine and then will move onto the important ones, E's race skis.

I haven't been going to choir practice since Christmas as was going to be missing every Sunday for January and February.  I'll head back to practice in the next couple of weeks and get ready for Easter.  Anyway, one of the ladies from the choir sent me an email this week to say I was missed and they were looking forward to me coming back.  Isn't that nice? Just a reminder that if you have a passing kind thought about someone, send them a quick note, it will be appreciated. 

Have a great weekend! Stay warm.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to let someone know you're thinking of them. And you get to see the lake from work -- that's a GREAT view! I would be so sad if my family didn't like soup as I LOVE it, especially in winter.

  2. My family doesn't seem to enjoy soup as much as I do either... in fact 1 boy will only eat chicken noodle and the other won't even try any soup! What a lovely working view.

  3. Yay thanks for the pic of your view. I would love to look out at the city everyday. What's with boys and soup? None of mine like it either. I'm going to go ahead and make soup just for myself this winter. Have a great weekend!