Monday, February 6, 2023

Facial Care Products I Like

I have never been good at getting into much of a "routine".  I start out okay, but then I'll skip a day or two because I'm tired or I had a shower at a different time of day or I just forget and then I get out of the habit. Recently I did get a few new products and I just try to use them as much as I can remember without worrying about being perfect.  I also don't expect them to make any sort of sweeping changes to my appearance, but I do find it's a bit of luxury.

The lineup:

Facewash from Tula.  I only use this once a day, and usually just if I've been wearing makeup or sunscreen.  It is enough to remove my makeup and I have a little cloth my mom got me from Norwex especially for removing makeup.  When I wake up in the morning I just splash cold water on my face.

I like this rosewater spray, but I don't see it for sale anymore.

Vitamin C Drops.  This is next.  Two drops is all you use.

Eye Cream is next.

And last but not lease the Cream for my whole face.  I've been using this brand for years but Tula makes a face cream so I may go all in on that brand and get that when I need to replenish. 

I use this Exfoliating Scrub every few days.  

I think all of the influencers were promoting this Lip Mask last year but I will just say I picked it up on my own accord after browsing Sephora and not finding the brand I used to use.  So there! Haha.

I have had this Jade Roller for a few years but sort of forgot about it.  Then I saw something on Facebook or something that had this special tool for getting rid of saggy eye skin and it looked very similar to this roller that I already have, so I dusted it off (literally) and thought I'd try using it again.

I highly recommend these products, they are mid-range in terms of price, but all very nice. 

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  1. I should probably get better about skin care now that I'm 50 but I'm just not motivated. I'll likely regret that in a few years...