Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Weekend Recap

 Another weekend, more skiing!  I took the day off on Friday to take E to an invitational race at Mansfield.  It was a cold morning, but the sun was shining.  

Ready to go.  There were about 10 Glacier Club racers there, and about 80 kids total, including someone from E's class at school. 

I remembered when I was there that Mansfield was the first hill that E skied at when he was 2 years old. We had been signed in as guests by my cousin for the day and we actually never left the bunny hill.  I did a side by side comparison.

E had a good race for him, although his first run was impeded by foggy goggles, but the competition was tough.   Mansfield does run an efficient race and they had some fun bib draws (door prizes), although E was not a winner this time.

We got home mid-afternoon in time for me to have a quick nap before I started getting dinner ready.  We were having guests over.  I made risotto and spinach salad.

We were ready for another ski day on Saturday and I think it was probably the most perfect snow conditions we have had this year, and we have had some great days.  It was snowing in the morning so we had a few centimetres of fresh powder, which is pretty good for Southern Ontario.

E heading out with his group.

We were the first ones down this trail.

The sun was poking through!


We knew we had another busy day on Sunday so we didn't stay too long at the hill.  We got home, watched curling, ate some odds and ends for supper, and then watched Captain Marvel.  

On Sunday, E had a race at The Heights, and Dave was volunteering at Moonstone. He dropped us off and we set up for a morning in the chalet, with my own personal goal of no iPad.  I brought some books, games, and things to draw with, and this kept Q (and his friends C and L) busy for the morning.
Taking a break between runs.

And the kids got to play out in the snow while the parents watched the race.

E had a couple of great runs for his first slalom race, and his team had a great showing, including a gold for the girls.

Dave came back over to meet us and we went home.  Again, we watched curling and had some wings and pasta for supper.  Dave and I worked on our taxes and tried to get the kids into bed early.  


  1. Ugh -- we have to do taxes. Thanks for reminding me :) Although you are working on them very early! Also, yay for great skiing conditions. I feel like it's been a hard winter for enjoying winter sports. We haven't been able to skate outdoors at all in February.

    1. We needed to see how much extra we needed to do for RRSP contributions before March 1, so that's why we were starting the taxes early. We have only skated once, and we did it so much last year!

  2. That is such a cute side by side comparison! It sounds like a fun weekend of skiing.