Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Weekend Recap

I drove Q to school on Friday morning and the temperature was -17.  But the kids were bundled up and they were fine.  I got to go right home to drink hot coffee in my sweater and slippers so I didn't mind at all!

We went over to our neighbours' for dinner on Friday night.  Nice to chat while the kids played in the basement. 

Saturday morning came early and we set out for skiing.  Unfortunately part of the highway was closed, but we detoured onto the country roads.  A very cold wintry morning.

The temperature said -19 when we arrived.  It wasn't that bad when we started out, and we got a lot of skiing in, the cold temperatures kept others away so we never had to wait in any long lift lines. 

Q tried using his poles and did really well. If he's going to do the race program next year we thought he should get used to them. 

A successful day on the slopes.

Dave was helping to take down the race gates and fences so we waited for him inside.

E wanted to throw the hand warmer at me while I took the photo so this is the result.

The drive home went much smoother. We stopped in at the carwash when we got home.

Tacos for supper and then we watched Wakanda Forever. 

On Sunday morning Dave and Q stayed home while I took E to his race at The Heights. 

The temperatures were much warmer.

E had two good races and he looked great in his new race suit. 

These boys were pretending to be sad they didn't win.

We made some cocktails before supper.  These are Negronis.

And that may be the end of our cold temperatures, all two days of them!


  1. -17°C!!!! I can't even imagine! I don't think that I could cope. The snow does look so beautiful and white and I just can't get over how much of it there is. Looks like you all had a wonderful time skiing and I love the look of your cocktails. Cheers for a great rest of the week.

  2. We ski on Sundays so we were lucky, it had really warmed up by then! Most random question ever - are you able to do the carwash with a ski rack on top (I am assuming you have a top-mounted rack) - our car is in desperate need of a wash but I am wondering if the clearance is ok!

    1. Yes, it seems like there is lots of room at the carwash places where you do it yourself (not the drive thru ones at the gas station).

  3. This winter has been so weird. I didn't even find the "cold" all that cold. And today we're in spring temperatures. I might even open the windows!