Thursday, February 23, 2023

Monthly Musings


Linking up with Holly and Patty for today's edition of Monthly Musings, this time talking about winter holidays.

1. Favourite warm weather destinations?
We have been to a few different countries over the years, but my favourite is definitely Jamaica. It's not too far, the weather is great, the people are super friendly, no language barriers (just something I think is good when you're travelling with kids), jerk chicken, patties, and Red Stripe, need I say more!?  You can read about our two trips to Jamaica here.

2. Packing cubes, yes or no?
No, I don't have these.

3. Favourite carry on?
I have this Lug bag that was a door prize at a golf tournament one time, and it's been my go to for carry on since then.  It has no less than one million pockets, which used to be a problem but now I have a system for where everything goes and it works for me.

4. Essential items in suitcase?
Phone and watch chargers, water bottle, pashmina, sneakers, cough drops, and antihistamines. 

5. Excursions, yes or no?
For our last two trips down south, we did not leave the resort.  My personal opinion is that you're safest on the resort, the trip isn't long enough for me to get sick of sitting by the pool, and if I wanted to tour around, I would be doing a different trip than an all-inclusive resort.  The one time we went on a Caribbean cruise, we did do a few excursions, but at the time it was just me and Dave, no kids, so we could be a bit more flexible. 

6. Most random item you always pack?
If I'm going south, I always bring Clif bars and some sort of gatorade/vitamin water type thing, like those little tablets or packets to add to a bottle of water.  In the event the food isn't good (or not to your child's liking), they can have a Clif bar as a good meal replacement, and if you're not feeling 100%, then the electrolytes should help. We also bring candy with us whenever we travel for some reason. 

7.  Do you use a travel agent?
No.  We had used one for our 2020 trip that was cancelled, but planning trips is one of my favourite things to do, so I don't mind doing it myself. 

8. Favourite sunscreen?
Ombrelle.  I like the cream, Dave prefers the spray, so we buy both. We buy anything from 30-50 SPF, but if you get up too high then it's too creamy and hard to rub in.  I also like the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer.

9. Favourite flip flops or sandals?
I have three different pairs that I like for different reasons - leather Birkenstocks are good for running around town (but not for long distances), white plastic Birks are good for everyday or for cottage/resort time as they can get wet, and my Sanuk flip flops are good for camping since I don't care how dirty they get. 

10. Favourite swimsuit?
The one I picked up in Miami at Target last fall.  I've had a couple of Target swimsuits and although one of them has since bit the dust, they do last for a good amount of time, and they are inexpensive!


  1. Cute swimsuit! Love your idea of Cliff Bars- going to remember that one for sure :)

  2. I used to have a Lug bag too and they are amazing. I have been looking at them again recently. I think they are hidden gems.

    Thank you for linking up today!

  3. I'm going to think about bringing Clif bars when we travel next. And I LOVE that swimsuit. Maybe I should look for a swimsuit at Target next time we're in the States...

  4. I always travel with snacks! LOL. That carry-on bag sounds wonderful.

  5. This makes me excited for all things spring! Even though we aren't going anywhere, it's still fun to think about!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  6. The lug bag with the million pockets is perfect! 😂 Jamaica sounds like a very relaxing destination. We should plan to go somewhere. We are just so far away from everywhere so it will have to be a local destination I think.

  7. I've never been to Jamaica but would love to go. I've had luck with Target swimsuits through the years. I have my eye on a couple to get this summer.