Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Weekend Recap

 Happy Valentine's Day!  Sending some love your way today!

Our weekends are a bit repetitive, but we had some beautiful days on the slopes so I have to share.

On Friday Q had his skating and received a heart sucker for Valentine's Day.  He wanted to show it off, along with his sweaty hair.

I had to snap this of E, I went to that internet safety seminar on Thursday night but clearly didn't learn anything, haha!  I think he was just finishing up Q's game after Q had to go to bed.

It was warmer than last weekend and sunny on Saturday morning for skiing. 

We had a great morning.

Quick pit stop for a snack.

I dropped my pole from the lift, the first time I've ever done that in all my years of skiing!  Our friend kindly took my photo of me retrieving it.

After E finished his training for the day he did a few runs with us.

Then we decided to get a beer and listen to the live music before heading home.

On Sunday morning we were back at it.  The weather was set to be even warmer so we all shed a layer.  

Ready to go!

We stopped in at the race course to see E practising for slalom. 

Q loves hitting the jumps in the terrain park now.

Cannot beat that blue sky!

A little aprés with our friends.

We went to our friends' place for the Super Bowl.  We were tired and still had 45 minute drive home, so we left after the hafltime show and made it home for the 4th quarter.  I thought Rihanna was okay, but mostly I was just preoccupied by the suspended platform and worried about how safe they were, and then made even more nervous when it was apparent she was pregnant.  Chris Stapleton did a great job with the anthem.  Mahomes seems nice, glad his team won. My favourite part was the food: 7 layer dip, cheese ball on Ritz, and french onion dip with Ruffles.

Needless to say, Monday came quickly!



  1. I've always been terrified of dropping something from the ski lift! It's amazing all the things you can see people have dropped while you're on it. I would totally go to a Super Bowl party solely for the food! I didn't care about any of it...

  2. Love all the skiing photos as always! We were glad our Chiefs won, but I'm usually just there for the snacks. Chris Stapleton is a Kentucky boy...we saw him in concert last spring...he's so talented. I hope you are having a great week.