Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Weekend Recap

A long weekend! And the kids had no school on Friday, although Dave and I were still working.  
On Thursday we snuck away for a ski day at Osler Bluffs, a private club, but I was invited by an acquaintance.  The conditions on the slopes were not good, too icy for us, but the lodge was cozy and the beer was good!

On Saturday we were at our regular hill bright and early for another ski day.  The conditions were pretty perfect, and the temperatures weren't too cold (although we did opt for some hand warmers).
E's age group in the race club had a potluck in the afternoon and we had a good time talking to the parents.

We stayed in a hotel for the weekend to take a break from all of the driving. We chose a place with a pool of course, actually the same place we stayed in the summer in Midland.  We headed to the pool as soon as we checked in.

We then got cleaned up and went to The Boathouse Eatery for supper.  We enjoyed our meals and they had some live music.  I said, "let me take your photo", and they both look away from the camera, deep in thought I guess!

We were back on the hill on Sunday morning, with slightly warmer temperatures. I took these Grade 1 French Immersion kiddos up the lift and spoke to them in French the whole way up, they were not that impressed, haha, but they did understand me.

Q worked on his box jumps and conquered this round one.

Some afternoon skiing with more friends.

We had a break and then decided to head out for some skiing under the lights. This view was much prettier in real life but you sort of get the idea.

Back to our hotel that night, with a bite to eat at Kelseys. 

We decided not to go skiing again on Monday and instead sleep in!  Screen time well deserved after two full days of skiing.

We left mid-morning, stopped in at the Cookstown outlets, and then home.  After we got all of the ski stuff put away, I cleaned out Q's closet, bookshelf, and dresser, and Dave went through his closet and dresser.  The kids did get outside to play catch and then hockey. I visited with a neighbour while the kids played, and then we headed home for supper.  

Hope you had a nice weekend too!


  1. We did some deep cleaning this weekend too! Twas the weekend for it I guess! And how nice to have a mini getaway. Yes, I always feel screen time is well deserved after some busy days. And WHY are kids never impressed when we speak to them in French?!?!?!

  2. What a fun and busy weekend. I bet your kids are worn out (in a good way) from all the skiing. My kids still love a hotel pool. lol