Friday, February 17, 2023

Friday Favourites


I liked my pretty breakfast in the sun on Monday morning - blueberry Greek yoghurt, granola, and mini-banana.

On Valentine's Day we enjoyed lots of treats.  I added cake pops and a few different hearts and red things in the boys' lunches.

The boys wore their new shirts and they looked so sweet.

A little silly one.

And Q has left...

I had a Valentine's shirt too

Dave made steak frites for supper for us.  So tasty. 

We had a special delivery of cupcakes so we all enjoyed those too.

And I got a couple of bouquets of flowers.

The boys have been into chess lately, Q even beat me in a game.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. What a fun and delicious week! Your flowers are just beautiful! My middle son got really into playing Chess and it got to the point where I had to find him a computer game to play because he beat all of us so quickly! He still has his Mario chess set in his room.

  2. What a lovely week! Your boys lunch boxes look delicious and what a great idea to add the Valentine’s treats. My boys used to love playing chess especially my older son. And then we all got into playing scrabble for a while. We’d often play games and stay up late on the weekends. It used to crack me up seeing how competitive everyone got. My husband used to even make up words and then try and convince us that he was totally right! Your flowers look so beautiful and your Valentine’s shirts are all so cute. Have a great weekend 😊

  3. I LOVE your kids' Valentine's shirts. So fun!!! And I also love both your bouquets of flowers.