Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Let's Look - Medicine Cabinet


I feel like today's topic, let's look at what's in our medicine cabinet", is like looking at people's shopping carts - a mix of curiosity, judgement, and inspiration.  So let's dive in.

First of all we don't have a medicine "cabinet", rather one of our hall closets is where we keep the medicine cabinet type things.  Our everyday toiletry items are kept in the bathroom. 

Top shelf usually has our extra items - shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and contact lens solution. We also have some COVID tests and a box of masks, neither of which we use that much anymore. 

Calamine lotion, children's cough syrup (I'm lucky I had bought a couple of bottles before the major shortage, still ongoing by the way), children's and adult Bendryl, Gaviscon, eye drops, nasal spray, Advil Cold and Sinus, Vicks, digital thermometer, and a nasal rinse (which does a great job when you are stuffed up).

Band-aids (must be the Wet Flex version), peroxide, Pepto Bismal, Advil, Bendryl cream, Compound W (I have burned warts off both of the kids before, this does work), Polysporin, dental floss, alcohol wipes, Claritin, and nail polish remover.

One little bin has travel sized shampoo and stuff, and the white one has extra toothbrushes, and brush heads.  Then we had some extra cough drops (always black Halls for me), sunscreen, bug spray, and Q-tips.

Then I have all of my various travel bags and our rarely used iron.  And extra toilet paper and few cleaning supplies.  I usually have a full set of cleaning supplies for each bathroom but I recently ran out and I need to replenish. 

Can't wait to see what other people have!!

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  1. Since we hike so much I tend to keep the bug spray and sunscreen right in the trunk of my car... but I bet I could bring that inside for this time of year! LOL.

  2. We use the same contact solution! Hahaha! That is so random to comment on. Also, we have our Covid tests in the basement but they've been sitting in our dining room while Dave and I have been so sick this week (not Covid - phew). Ugh.