Friday, February 10, 2023

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!  I don't have too much to share today as it has been a busy week.  We've still had a bit of fun though.

Q's swimming lessons this term are at the York Recreation Centre, a true hidden gem.  It's a fabulous facility and it's all free! 

These kids, hiding from me in the morning instead of getting ready for school. It is great they are so close despite the five year age difference (or perhaps because of it).

This week's trip to the golf simulator included Q.  Dave said he hit the ball pretty well most of the time.

While they were at golf, I went to the school to hear a presentation on internet safety for kids.  It was very informative and although I felt like we have made a few good decisions so far (no phone, no electronics in rooms, no social media), there are a few areas to improve (video game time). The best part was that I got to sit with some friends and catch up a bit. 

I heard a new song on someone's instagram stories that I liked, Calm Down by Rema, so I asked Spotify to create a playlist based on that song and have now been introduced to all kinds of great new music - Afrobeats.  I'm probably late to this party but I love the sound, and it's a fresh sunny beat, good for those winter days. 

Something I meant to take a photo of, but he was too quick, was Q writing out his Valentine cards.  It is amazing how different he is from E at that age.  We used to have to bribe E with candy to get him to write out his cards, whereas Q wrote them all out in one sitting.  We just do the traditional little cards, no candy allowed at school, and I don't like buying trinkets to give out. 

Join us on Monday for our February edition of the Not Just a Mom Link Up.  We are talking about our House Rules.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Haha! The picture of your boys hiding is so cute and it’s good that they are close. The presentation about internet safety sounds good. Setting boundaries early on is the way to go. The internet and especially social media weren’t such a big thing when our boys were little. It’s much harder for parents now and sadly I have seen the negative impact that giving devices to kids freely at such a young age can have. We’ve had preschoolers arrive exhausted from being allowed to stay on their iPads till midnight and kids who come in crying because they have had to stop playing Minecraft and had to come to preschool.

  2. Love that photo of the boys huddled under the blankets! That is so cute that they are such great friends.

  3. I haven't been able to comment on your blog lately because I've been reading blogs on my lunch hour and my work internet doesn't like your blog -- boo :( I'm so glad we're past the Valentine's cards stage as it was always so much work. So way to go Q for doing them all at once!