Monday, January 9, 2023

Not Just A Mom - Introductions


Hi there! Welcome to our monthly link-up series.  We have some great topics coming up this year and we invite you to join us on the second Monday of each month.  My co-hosts are: AdrienneDara (who I got to meet in person last year!), JenJoanne, and Lauren. Please visit their posts and the others who link up below.

Now, onto my own introduction. 

My name is Sarah. I am Canadian. I live in Toronto. I grew up in Nova Scotia.  I am a lawyer.  I am married and I have two sons (aged 11 and 6).  I attend a Christian church (the United Church of Canada). I vote for the Liberals (so that makes me a left-leaning person). I am interested in current events and pop culture.  I like TV and movies, Instagram (@smacto), and Twitter. I like to read. I like podcasts. I like food and drinks.  I like to stay active. I like travelling.  I am a sports fan (mostly Toronto teams, but also F1 and golf). 

If you follow along with me you'll mostly see photos of what we have been up to in our lives, food we are preparing, books I'm reading, and the occasional "essay" with my thoughts and opinions on current events.   

I love reading your comments, although I don't always respond directly, know I appreciate them! My favourite part of blogging and reading others' blogs is seeing how similar we all are even though we live in different parts of the world and lead somewhat different lives with different beliefs. 

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  1. Somehow in my head "the second Monday of January" is next week! Yay vacation?!?!? I'll have to write my post for Wednesday, I guess and join in a bit late. Oooops.

    I too like seeing how similar our lives all are despite potentially having widely different beliefs and living in different parts of the world. I almost always find something to connect with people about.

  2. How fun! I also love following other bloggers and gaining some insight into how they operate on a daily basis, even if there are so many differences in location, lifestyle, etc. It's been fun to read your blog for the past year or so!

  3. This is such a great topic to kick off the year. I love reading about you and your lovely family in Canada. Blogging is such a great way to 'meet' people from around the world. And I am always fascinated by the way people are so different yet the same in many ways.

  4. So very true! We are all very similar even though we live such different lives.

  5. I agree, I love to see how similar we all are even though we have many differences. I also love reading/seeing about life in Canada-- it's not THAT far north, and yet so different from life here in the Southern US!

    Lauren from Don't Mind Our Mess

  6. Nice to meet you, I'm new to the linky.
    What a lovely family you have.

  7. I loved reading this intro and getting to know a bit more about you :)

  8. Nice to meet a fellow Canadian in the blogworld! Blog link-ups are such a fun way to find connections to make with others that I wouldn't otherwise run into, and where there's an interesting mix of things in common and things that are different.