Friday, January 27, 2023

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday! Guys, do you know that February is on Wednesday?! What in the world! 

My friend gifted me this little Jo Malone perfume sampler.  It has five lovely scents in suitably small containers that will still last me a long time.  I have perused the Jo Malone scents for awhile but could never select one at the store so this is a great way to try them out. 

I volunteered at the school for Pizza Day on Wednesday.  The kids like seeing me at school and I like seeing them and their friends. 

We got some beautiful snow this week.  I was sort of stopped here waiting for the cars in front of me to get up the hill.  I had no problems in our car with snow tires, and I'm a confident enough driver to get around in the ice and snow.

A friend dropped off a Starbucks gift card for me the other day (so nice!) and I picked up a treat for myself with it on Thursday.  Can never resist a sprinkle cookie :)

Dave and E have been hitting the golf simulators for some off-season practice. This was last week .

Looking forward to a ski filled weekend with the fresh snow.

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  1. The Jo Malone perfume sampler looks so good and I just googled to see if they sell it here and they do! I will have to check it out because I like her perfumes but I just never know which one I like the best. Perfume is such a big commitment and I want to get it right. What a lovely friend to give you a Starbucks gift card. Enjoy your fun weekend skiing.

  2. You have such thoughtful friends...perfume and gift card! The snow is so pretty. I bet you all are distinguished drivers in the snow. haha Pizza day looks liked fun. I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I miss volunteering at the school for pizza days...