Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Christmas Recap Part 1

Christmas holidays didn't officially start until the 23rd and then the kids got a snow day on that day anyway! Dave's sister was supposed to fly in from out west on the 19th but was faced with multiple flight cancellations; she did eventually join us on Boxing Day.

The week before Christmas I took Q shopping on Roncesvalles and then we got supper at La Cubana. 

On the 23rd Dave and I got out early before the winter storm started.  We braved Costco but it wasn't too bad.

We sent the kids out to play in the afternoon. They came back with nice rosy cheeks.

With the holidays officially underway, it was time for a gin and tonic.

That night we were having lobster.

Dave made his delicious potatoes, mmm.

The lobsters were so tasty!

Q tried a little bit.

Then we had an impromptu party. Some crokinole and sing-a-longs.

It was Christmas Eve the next day.  The croissants are the frozen ones from Costco, highly recommend.

We all had a few things to get done that day, and then mid-afternoon I picked up our oyster order at Island Oyster Co. 

There was a family church service at 4:00.  The kids got a figure for the nativity to bring up.

Silent Night with candles is always a highlight.

The Baby Jesus in our nativity was represented by a candle, the light of the world.

Time to break open our gingerbread house was had made earlier in the month.  It was still soft and fresh to eat since we had left it wrapped up.

We enjoyed our oysters and other appetizers for our Christmas Eve supper.

The boys left some cookies and milk for Santa and carrots of course.  

Then I headed back to church for the 9:00 service. I was singing in the choir and playing handbells.  We had some beautiful music before the service started and I really enjoyed it. 

The next morning was Christmas!! Patiently waiting until we were all ready to go downstairs together.

Santa was here :)

First breakfast.

Just a few gifts.

Second breakfast.

We were having prime rib for Christmas dinner so I wrote out a preparation plan.

Meanwhile Dave got his new weight set out of the box.

Meat is ready for the oven.

Successful Yorkshire puddings.

This was a good meal.  I didn't feel like doing turkey again since we had just had it for Thanksgiving so I'm glad I tried something new.

I managed to watch two Christmas movies while making our supper.

Part 2 of our holiday continues tomorrow.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful (and yummy!) Christmas. I don't think I have ever thought to cook lobster at home but that looked so good with those potatoes.

  2. I'm glad to hear Dave's sister eventually made it to join you. The flights were A MESS this year. I really love your new sweater. It's really fun!