Friday, December 30, 2022

Friday Favourites - 2022 Edition


Some of my favourite things from 2022:

Song - As It Was by Harry Styles (Related: Did he spit on Chris Pine?!)

Movie - Top Gun Maverick

TV Show - Severance

Book - Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

YouTube Video - Noah Reid's rendition of "Simply The Best" as Patrick on Schitt's Creek.  It was one of my top five songs on Spotify.

Meal - Breakfast Burrito in Miami, the cilantro cream was *chef's kiss*

Drink - Aperol Spritz

New Clothing - White Birkenstocks

Toronto Moment - Skating on various outdoor rinks.  It's a great way to appreciate what our city has to offer and get some quality winter activity time.  When we skated at City Hall just this week, I also appreciated the diversity of our city with many people trying out skating for the first time (bless their hearts, people fall so much, but they were laughing!).

Canada Moment - Team Canada's appearance at the World Cup soccer. They didn't win any games, but they played well and we can be proud of that.

House Thing - We actually decided on what we wanted to do for our renovation and started the processing of choosing a contractor and getting plans drawn up.  Work won't start until mid-2023 though.

Restaurant - Everything at the Fairmont Royal York - the Library Bar and Clockworks lobby bar.

E Thing - This year E got to his piano lessons on his own after school, a bit more responsibility.   His lessons are conveniently located above a coffee shop and would often bring doughnuts home for himself and Q.  Q was even getting excited about "piano days" because he knew it meant doughnuts.

Q Thing - Skiing all day for four days in a row (in Quebec over March Break), and killing it!! I had a hard time keeping up!

Dave Thing - Dave decided he would run a half marathon in the Spring.  Dave is very good at setting goals and then achieving them, he just goes out and decides to do it and then does it well.  Now if you ask him, he says he could have done better, but he was sub-2:00 so pretty great if you ask me!  

Memory - There is a tie, our first day skiing at Mont Sutton in Quebec, it was a winter wonderland.  And in Cape Breton when we all sat out on our floaties and drank the afternoon away.

All in all a pretty great year of favourites!


  1. What a great idea for a post, and what a wonderful year you had! I love that Q is crushing it skiing, he will grow up to take his own family skiing one day and will be grateful you started him so young! Lauren from Don’t Mind Our Mess, not Anonymous

  2. Love reading about your Canadian life! What a great year and love your favorites!

  3. We share many of the same favourites! As it was, Maverick, white Birkenstocks and Aperol Spritz. The doughnuts look delicious and how sweet of E to bring one home for his brother.

  4. Such a fabulous list of favorites; I don't know that I had a favorite movie but I did enjoy Maverick a lot. Those doughnuts look amazing!!

  5. I love this post! What a fun recap. I love that you shared a favorite thing from each of your family members. So sweet!