Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Maybe someday we will hire someone to take our Christmas card photos, but that was not this year. Instead we grab the tripod, scout a location and do it ourselves.  They certainly aren't professional, but we usually have at least one that works for our card.  This year we went to James Gardens on the west side of the Humber River, north of us.  It was slightly chilly and Q fell in the mud almost immediately after he got out of the car.

Checking the camera before leaving. 

Being entertained by the ducks while Dave set up the camera.

Tree shadow ruined this angle.

Then it was too bright!

Who needs the top of their head anyway!?

Please indulge me, I have to share these lovely brothers :)

We were pretty quick and happy to get it done.  We went home, chose a photo, did a bit of editing, and then ordered the cards that same weekend. 


  1. I thought your photos were taken by a professional because they look so good! I love the pics of your boys. They look like they are really having the best time. Oops about falling in the mud!

  2. Lovely shots! I really enjoy the ones of the kids together - they're very sweet. I noticed Quinn's muddy knees and I just love it - he obviously was having fun before the photos were taken.

  3. Using a tripod is genius! We've only had professional Christmas card photos once, I think. This year, I just used one from our fall break beach vacay, and my family thanked me. lol I love all your outtakes...and all the ones of your boys smiling are the best!!