Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Weekend Recap

 It was a party weekend for us.  On Friday we picked up my mom from the airport and then sent her to skating and swimming with the boys while Dave and I went downtown for my work party.  We met up with my colleague and his wife at the Royal York for a drink first.  It was so pretty there, we had to snap a photo.

Dave made a friend.

We had a dinner at Biff's Bistro. Everything was delicious

I thought that swimming sign up was on Saturday morning so I forced myself out of bed before 7:00.  Sadly I had the days wrong and it's actually on Tuesday.  *shrug*

Since I was up anyway I said, do I want to go to Costco? The answer is never really yes, but Mom and I went, and then picked up my LCBO wine order for the party, and got a coffee. After lunch we went skating. Q's skating club had an open house and Santa was going to be there! 

Then I took Q to a birthday party and ordered pizza in the late afternoon.

We were tired but Dave and I rallied and went to our friends' house for their party.  There was a full sized ice sculpture!

And massages!

And a delicious cake!

We had a good time and managed to leave before midnight.  

On Sunday we went to church where we led the advent candle lighting.  E and I read and Q helped the minister with the candle.  After church Mom and I did some baking.

And E went to his friend's house and they made gingerbread.  This was something they had planned earlier in the week.  They did a great job and E wants to contribute his share to the Christmas party.

Mom and I walked up to get our nails done and do a few errands.  I worked on my Christmas cards when we got home and the boys opened an early Christmas gift from my Mom, Sports for the Switch. 

We ordered Chinese food for our supper and we were all pretty tired so we went to bed early.

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! A Santa on skates? That's awesome!!!