Thursday, December 1, 2022


On Tuesday we went to Sherway Gardens (the mall) to see Santa. It has been our annual tradition to see him there for many years.  They used to do a group thing where about 20 kids (and their parents) would be there all at the same time and Santa would read a story and then each kid had a chance to get photos. In the past couple of years they got rid of the group event and instead you just pre-booked a time for the photo. 

We get digital downloads of the photos they take.

Then while I was in Club Monaco, the boys checked out the Tesla store.  They were playing a video game on the screen.

Then we had our tradition of food at the food court. We usually all get McDonalds, but this time only Q got it.  I wanted Chipotle and E got sushi.  Dave was going out for dinner.  

Indigo had a big Lego Harry Potter, so of course we needed photos.

And this soccer guy :)


  1. What a lovely tradition! You guys all look great in the Santa pics. I love having McDonald’s in the food court and my usual order is a Big Mac, fries and a strawberry thick shake. Although I have to say that either my stomach is getting bigger or those Big Macs are getting smaller. Because they don’t fill me up like they used to!

  2. I love those family photos with Santa! What a fun idea.