Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Annual MacDonald Family Drop In

This past weekend it was finally time for our Annual Drop In Party.  We've been having this party since we moved to this house in 2014.  I was keeping track of calling them the 5th annual, 6th annual, etc., but since we couldn't have it in 2020, it threw off the numbers, so now we just say "Annual".  

We were so grateful for the people that were able to join us, we know it is a busy time of year and for those that make this a part of their holiday season, we really appreciate it!  If you can believe it, we had 100 people join us this year! I think that's the most ever. 

We'll get your first drink for you, but then you're encouraged to help yourself!  Dave mixed up a pitcher of Old Fashioneds and that was a hit!

Crowd favourites Oat Cakes and Shrimp Butter

Our helpers!

Pre-party photo shoot

Some cousins came down too!

This turned into a bit of a mess, but it's fun. We always had a bowl of whole nuts at my house growing up so I wanted to start the tradition here too.

And then it was dance party time!

I was DJing.

Good times!


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