Friday, December 9, 2022

Friday Favourites


Another busy week.  We are preparing for our Christmas party this weekend but also very busy at work. Luckily we have a visiting "housekeeper" (my mom!) who has been running errands, making food, and keeping the kids entertained. 

On Monday Q was very serious about his math homework. He got it out of his bag as soon as he got home and started working.

I know, stop talking about the Fairmont Royal York! But it is just so pretty at Christmastime and is a welcome cozy spot all year long.  I walked through the other day and had to snap more photos.  

And then I got to have lunch there yesterday with the partner I worked with at my former job, the one who hired me when I came to Toronto.  It was so nice to catch up!

Our church (Royal York Road United Church) has some fun things coming up this weekend. Tonight there is a Christmas symphony featuring students from Etobicoke School of the Arts and people from the community.  I will be running the PowerPoint for one of the songs.

And on Sunday, it is pageant day!  We kept it has a recorded version so more people could participate from home, but our kids recorded their parts at Sunday School.  E has been promoted to Joseph and Q took on some animal parts.  You can tune in to our church's YouTube channel at 10:30 am EST for a live stream of the service that day where the recording will be shown.  Or catch it another time after that. Certainly the live stream has been a positive by-product of the pandemic so people from all over can enjoy our services.

Yesterday I posted about the books I read in 2022, my top three favourites, and my selections for 2023. If you like books as much I as do, click over to that post and give me your thoughts.  

I also shared a tour of our Christmas decorations this year, you can read that in Wednesday's post.

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  1. The Fairmont Royal York looks beautiful. I wouldn’t be able to stop talking about it either! Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas party this weekend. Lucky your mum could help you out. It’s such a busy time! We had a busy weekend and this week is going to be absolute madness at work with the kids Christmas parties and concerts. Busy but fun (I think 🤪)