Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Life Lately

I haven't been posting as I've been recovering from a medical procedure (not serious), but it's kept me on the sidelines for a few days. As someone who is not used to being on the sidelines, I have nonetheless leaned into the time I've had to do nothing and rest my body.  

But I wanted to do a post to bring me up to date with what has been happening with us here. 

My friend from PEI came for a post-Christmas visit with her nephew.  We met up with them for dinner at Real Sports and a Raptors game.

And then they came for supper at our house.

Our weekends are about to get pretty predictable as we are scheduled to ski on both Saturday and Sunday. E started his ski racing program last Saturday and they have training on both days.  He will also have races a couple of times this season at different hills.  There are no lessons for Q but he's still carving it up and will likely join the race team next year.  

Caught E getting off the lift with his group.

Tired out!

We treated the boys to Beaver Tails.

There was no school on Friday so Dave took the boys up for Day 1 of 3 on the hill.  I was at home so I spied on them through the live webcam.  I managed to catch E.  He's in the red jacket and white helmet on the left.

Day 2.  It was colder that day but it made for good snow conditions.  

Another Raptors game on Saturday night, these kids are so spoiled! Safe to say they had fun.

On Day 3 of skiing, Q opted to stay home with me.  I got in lots of video games and TV time.  


  1. I had been wondering where you were when I popped in to visit. Sorry to hear that you have had a medical procedure but I'm glad that it's nothing serious. Looks like such a fun time in all that snow. It's just amazing to see so much of it! I have only seen snow when I visited New York as a kid. I hope that you continue to rest and recover so that you're back to good health soon xx

  2. I'm glad you hear you're recovering well. And we need to get to a Raptors game one of these years! I mean, it's not baseball, but it's still fun.