Monday, March 20, 2023

Happy Birthday Dave!

 It's Dave's birthday today.  I know I say it every year but we are so lucky that he is our husband and dad! I put together a few photos of him from this past year and then I did something a little different with our annual birthday quiz below.

This year the boys and I did a little competition to see who knows Dave the best.  The boys decided to team up and it was pretty close.

What makes Dave happy?
S - His family!
E/Q - Us
Answer - Family

What makes him sad/mad?
S - When things are messy, people who can't drive
E/Q - Us
Answer - When the kids don't listen

Favourite thing to do?
S - Golf
E/Q - Hanging out with us
Answer - Golf

Favourite food?
S - Sushi
E/Q - Pizza
Answer - Tacos

What does he like to look at on his phone?
S - How to golf videos, stock market performance
E/Q - Closing work deals and his video game (Rivals)
Answer - Golf videos, ski videos

Where would he like to travel?
S - Germany
E/Q - Jamaica
Answer - Germany

Favourite place to be?
S - On the golf course
E/Q - Skiing (This was Q's answer but E wanted to say "with us" so I allowed them to change their answer and this was the ultimate tying question.)
Answer - With family

Favourite shows to watch?
S - Post-apocalyptic type shows
E/Q - Sports
Answer - Raptors

What would he buy right now if he could?
S - A cottage
E/Q - A new car and cottage
Answer - New golf clubs.

Bonus - your favourite thing about Dave/Dad?
S - He brings the fun and he's organized.
E - He's funny.
Q - Skiing with him.


  1. I hope Dave had a wonderful birthday! The quiz and answers are so fun.

  2. Happy birthday to Dave! I enjoyed reading the quiz, what a great idea!

  3. Even though this is belated, I hope Dave had a GREAT birthday and felt well celebrated! I always love quizzes where you get to know more about people.