Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Weekend Recap

Just a quick weekend recap for you today.  
On Friday I wouldn't let the kids leave the car until we heard the intro to Kiss 92.5's remix on the radio where we said "It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaay!!!".

On Saturday morning we packed up for our last ski weekend of the season.

And one last chairlift selfie.

E had a race on both days for the Slalom Slam.  The weather on Saturday morning was foolish! There was snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and it was so windy!  The race was a tough one for E.  I volunteered to collect bibs at the end of the race so I didn't get a lot of actual skiing in.  Q and Dave didn't do much skiing either, it just wasn't a good day for it.

We got home mid-afternoon, in time watch a few movies and get a Peloton ride in.  The ranunculus I picked up the day before were looking pretty. 

That night we watched The Princess Bride, at my request.  Since E liked Willow (the old movie and the new series) then I thought he would like The Princess Bride too and he did! It holds up. ("anybody want a peanut?")

The next morning Dave and Q opted to stay home so it was just me and E going up for Day 2 of the race weekend. 

The weather was a lot better!

I even got a sunburn as I watched the races and did bib collecting for the second time.  E had a DNF for his first run (hit a gate and spun out) and did an okay time for his second run.  Most importantly he had fun!

Meanwhile Dave and Q were doing a bunch of things at home - cleaning, run/bike, and some crafts.

This is an ice cream truck inspired by Gabby's Dollhouse.

We had a nice dinner complete with cherry pie for dessert that Dave and E had picked up earlier.

That's it for skiing for us until next year.  Check out the recap I did of E's race season here.

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  1. I love your ranunculus! I tried planting them one year among my pansies but didn't love them in my window boxes. Boo. And we watched The Princess Bride with the kids and my parents last year and yes, it is still SOOOOO good!!!