Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Quebec Trip Recap Part 1

 I'm bringing you Part 1 of 2 of our March Break trip to Quebec today.  Last week we traveled to the Eastern Townships for six days of skiing.  We did this same trip last year with the same people at the same chalet.  It worked out so well last year, we didn't want to mess with it.

We picked up the kids at noon from school and hit the road.  When we stopped for an early supper, we let the kids pick out some candy.  Q picked a big sucker and really enjoyed it, as you can tell by his messy face.

Pulled into our chalet around 7:30.

We got settled in and hit the hay.  It was a bright day the next morning.

Ready for the week!  We started our week at Bromont.

Dave had the idea to buy these little Pokemon stuffies to add to the littles' helmets.  It was a great way to keep track of them as they zoomed down the slopes and created a bit more fun. 

Our crew.

We forgot E's goggles the first day so he borrowed Dave and Dave wore sunglasses, it was nice and warm so that worked out okay.  It was warm, but not too warm so the snow was still in good condition. 

Checking out the Grizzly trail

Eevee and Pikachu.

Once again these kids were pros on the slopes.  The moms often opted for the green runs while the dads braved the black runs with these daredevils.

A hot chocolate break at the summit.

We had a bit of an adventure at the end of our first day that I must document here.  B had been wearing the Go Pro on his helmet and when he boarded the chair lift, his googles hit the Go Pro and knocked it off.  It fell in front of the lift but they were already on the way up before they could get the liftie (life operator) to stop it.  They zoomed right back down but the Go Pro wasn't there.  It seemed very strange that it would just disappear and we looked for it, questioned the liftie, and tried to puzzle out where it could have gone.  We finally gave up and started to head back.  Dave got on the lift again and when he got off, left his backpack so it traveled back down the lift to the bottom, and he had to go down to retrieve it.  When he got down there, the liftie had the Go Pro!! Someone had turned it in.  We couldn't believe it! If Dave hadn't left his backpack he wouldn't have gone back down to that same lift, we were ready to head home. What luck! So in the end nothing was lost, but it did mean we had to go right to our dinner reservations without going home first.  (And in the midst of all of this we saw our friends that we have skied with all season that were also at Bromont that day!)

Dinner at Edgar Hyperlodge.

Beer and French Onion Soup.

And finally some hot tub time!

Sunday came early because of the time change, but with the sun out it wasn't too hard to get up.

We had another bright sunny day on the slopes, with near perfect conditions.  We went back to Bromont for a second day.

Taking a break!

That night was had dinner at home and watched the curling and the Oscars.

On Monday, we headed to Mont Sutton. When we went there last year, it was so busy we had to park quite a ways from the hill on the side of the road.  We did not have that problem this time. It was hardly busy at all, and we never had to wait for a lift.

Sutton has some cool runs that go under and through the trees.  Some icy patches but mostly okay.

Our other neighbour friends were also at Sutton for the day and we got to ski, lunch, and apres with them.

Sutton is a bit more challenging, and we had to do some black diamonds, but we all made it down unscathed!

Stopping at the 840 m chalet.

It wasn't really that cold, but the fire pit was pretty cool.

Meanwhile the kids were trying to find all of the animals hidden on the trails.

New hat for me :)

I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2.


  1. This looks like a lot of fun! And I love how you kept running into people you know.

  2. I love those Pokemon stuffies-- so cute! Glad you got the go-pro back too. It sounds like a fun trip with lots of friends.

  3. I love reading about your skiing adventures. The chalet looks amazing!! What a great idea (and so fun) about the Pokemon on helmets. I'm so glad you all found the go pro and backpack!