Friday, July 5, 2024

Friday Favourites

July in the city, what a time to be alive! Our weather has been fabulous this week. 
One of my favourite summertime traditions started up last week, the Union Station Summer Market so I hit that up on Tuesday.  I had a smashburger from Wvrst and listened to some live music while I ate. So fun to see all the Torontonians and tourists mingling about. 

Another summer thing I love is sitting outside to work when I am working from home. 

A friend is in town this weekend for a wedding so we took in an afternoon Blue Jays game yesterday.  A little #workfromdome (since I didn’t technically have the afternoon off, shh, haha).  Although the Jays did lose, it was a great afternoon at the ballpark.

Later in the game we settled in at Park Social at one of the tables, and looked way down at the bullpen.

Then we walked around a bit, grabbed some food at Real Sports and stopped in at the mall on our way home.

Join me and my co-hosts on Monday for our link up to Share our Lives.  The theme is Day in the Life, Summer Edition.  So you still have time to document a day and post it for Monday.  Come back here on Monday and link up with us. 

Our kids are away at Summer Camp for two weeks so this weekend will be slightly quieter than normal, we will be taking in the Euro Cup and Silverstone and going out for dinner.


  1. That summer market sounds so fun and I'm sure you had a great time at the game even if the Jay's didn't pull out a win.

  2. I love the sound of the summer market, what fun. It does look like you've had some lovely weather! How great to be able to sit outside and work.

  3. The summer market sound fantastic! Haha, working from dome! Love it!