Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Weekend Recap

On Friday night we went out for dinner at Bellwoods Brewery on Ossington.  We enjoyed our meal and it was fun to be out.

Then we went home and watched the Canada soccer game.

Dave got up early to golf and shortly after he left I got up for a run.  Then I watched the F1 Quali.

My friend was in town for a wedding so I drove her to the ceremony and then hung around our old neighbourhood.  I went to the Mimico library and the down to Birds and Beans for a coffee.  It was such a warm day.

That night Dave and I went to Bar Sugo for dinner.  I have been wanting to go here for many years and I was so glad we finally got to go.  It was delicious and a good vibe.

Because we got there around 6:00, we were done pretty early and got home to finish up season 4 of The Bear. 

On Sunday morning Cindy and I watched the Silverstone Race in the morning and then went to meet Dave at the golf club for lunch. 

What a beautiful day to be out on the patio.

Then we took Cindy to the airport and went home.  We both got a workout in, and then some friends stopped by for a pre-dinner drink.  
We had steak for dinner, and ate it outside with the Blue Jays game on the laptop.

A lovely somewhat quiet summer weekend. 



  1. Sounds like a lovely summer weekend. I know you must miss your boys but it’s nice that you and Dave can enjoy some couple time :)

  2. That does sound like a lovely weekend! The weather looks just beautiful.