Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Camping Recap - Killbear


We kicked off our summer with our annual Canada Day Weekend camping trip.  The boys went to school for the morning while Dave and I got the packing done.  Then we hit the road. 

I had picked up a couple of treats at Bake Sale.

We went out of our way to make sure we could get an early dinner at Webers.

Thumbs up!

We went across to Killbear Provincial Park to our campsite.  We had a huge site!

After we set up we went for a walk to the beach. Killbear is on Georgian Bay so it has lots of fun rocks to climb on.

Dave threw the baseball to the boys on the beach so they could practice their diving catches. The sand is so much more forgiving than the turf. 

Our friends were just arriving at their site next to us so we went back to see them.  I made up a little plate of food to enjoy by the fire.

Q and I were the first ones up in the morning.

We headed over to the beach for the day.  It was breezy and not super hot so I only went for a quick swim.  My view of the boys from under the sunshade.

Everyone went cliff jumping before and after lunch.  We remembered Q’s life jacket this year so he was able to get in on the action.  They are so brave.  I cannot do it!

Snuggling up after jumping. 

The big kids swam back to the beach. 

We had Kraft Dinner, baked beans, and hot dogs for supper. 

Although it was cloudy and there was no sunset to view, we walked over the beach for a little bit anyway.  This is “the windswept tree” that is a feature of Killbear. 

And this is just another tree but I thought it looked just as good and didn’t need the supports.

It rained a bit overnight and into the morning.  We stayed dry under our tarp while making breakfast and then it ended mid-morning.  We decided to check out the camp Discovery Centre.  It was beautiful. 

And then we did a little hike by the lighthouse.

These are the coolest rocks.

It had brightened up a bit so we did go to the beach.

(It wasn’t that windy, someone was holding the towel.)

Back to the site for some badminton. 

And cards

We tried something new, pizzas on the fire.  We made them on naan and cooked them on a cookie sheet over the fire grill.  They were very good!

That night it rained so much!! I think that it was the most rain I’ve ever heard overnight while camping.  There was a river under our tent the next morning. 

We went for a walk on the rocks.  We saw several snakes over the weekend, like the big water snakes and we saw this little guy by our site.  I do not like snakes. 

It was Sunday so we were dropping the boys off at camp that afternoon. We drove into Parry Sound for lunch at the Trestle Brewing Company.  We had a nice cozy seat inside, with the England soccer game on the TV.

Album cover.

This kid was ready to be dropped off at camp!

This guy was also exciting, but less outwardly so (he’s 12, haha).

Bunk all set up, we are trying something new where we brought a hanging closet organizer for their cones so hopefully that works out well for them!

Dave and I drove back to the campsite.  We decided to stay the extra night so we didn’t have to worry about packing everything up with the kids and being stressed about cramming it all in.  This way we got to relax and then have the whole backseat to fit stuff into on our way home.
That night we made nachos and played crib. 

The boys did not take their special stuffies (Cuddly Pal and Guy) to camp but tucked them in our sleeping bags instead.

A beautiful morning to pack up.

We saw some deer on the way out - this one and then later a mom and two babies.

Our tent was still quite wet underneath so we loosely packed it up and then dried it out when we got home.  We had an easy drive with hardly any traffic. 

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  1. Killbear looks beautiful (minus the snakes!). I have the best memories of camping as a kid and feeling so hungry after a swim. Your boys are brave jumping in the water from so high!