Thursday, July 11, 2024

New Kids' Bathroom

 Today I wanted to show you the kids' new bathroom.  

We used to have just one bathroom upstairs and we all shared it.  We never loved the tile, and it also didn't have any drawers so we needed to use baskets to store our things.  

When we reconfigured the upstairs to add Q's new bedroom, we sectioned it into a smaller room, moved the window and sink.

The shower actually stayed the same size, and the toilet stayed in the same spot.  The previous owners had a bidet so the plumbing was already there for where we put the vanity. 

This is the new hallway, it used to lead into the bathroom, but now the hall continues on, up into Q's room, and the bathroom door is on the left.

We still need to get the window shade installed. 

The discerning eye may spot an X-wing in the mat.

I want to get some wallpaper for this wall above the tile, but that is a future project.

It's subtle, but the grout has a green tint matching the green tile on the floor.

It's great to have two washrooms upstairs, and drawers for the boys to keep their toothbrushes.  They need a few lessons on keeping it clean, but they aren't too bad!!

Tile - Centura Tile
Vanity and Countertop - Wayfair
Shower and Sink Fixtures - Home Depot
Light Fixture Above Sink - Wayfair
Mirror - Wayfair
Mat - Ruggable
Toilet - Home Depot