Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Decorations Part 2

As I promised last week I am presenting Part 2 of our Christmas decorations. 

Added a few more things to this shelf.
Including these guys.  This is a big knitted boot filled with cloth animal ornaments, suitable for E to play with. He has mostly just emptied the animals on the floor so he can "wear" the boot.


Nightlight in the kitchen, and another in the upstairs hallway
Stockings hung with care

Stars on the way upstairs

Tree Skirt

I found a nativity scene in a store by our house, so I rearranged the top of the piano.


Our little helper
I am pleased with all of our new items.  I love that Christmas decorations now go on sale before Christmas.  Nothing wrong with a little 40% off during the first week of December!  Our house is ready to welcome our party guests on Saturday.

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