Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Come On In...Christmas Decorations

I am linking up with Andrea (again!) for her Come On In series.  This time it is Christmas Decorations. 
Let's consider this Christmas Decorations Part 1.  We have to replace some of the wiring in our house (good old knob and tube!) and the electricians are here this week.  I didn't want to put up our tree until they were gone, so the decorations we have up so far are only part of what we will be doing. 
Kitchen window.  There is a matching tree on the other side of the window.
Our new table with red place mats.

Wooden snowflakes hanging from light fixture
Tinsel tree. My new pride and joy!

 Felt woodland creature garland

Mantle with lanterns, birds, birdhouses, and jingle bell garland
Polar bear snow globe

Top of the piano
Some Hallmark snowmen, and our Christmas books.  E loves these guys!

Ornaments handmade by my Mom, very talented.

Love this felted snowman

I got these for E to decorate the windows. I'll give one at a time over the next couple of weeks.
Looking forward to seeing everyone's decorations on the link up.  I'm sure these decorations pale in comparison to some of you, I am inspired by what some people can put together!


  1. Love those birch candles!


  2. What a fun festive start! Can't wait to see the tree!