Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favourites

Linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favourites:

Welcome to those coming through on the Link Up.  For those of you who recall my Christmas Decorations Part 1, I posted Part 2 earlier this week.  See here.

This week I wanted to show you some of my favourite things for stocking stuffers (what I like and what I get for others): 

1. Magazines.  I like the "Year in Review" type magazines, like People or MacLeans.
2. Lottery tickets.  In this house, you're never too young to play a scratch ticket or break open.
3. Chocolate bars, nuts, gum, mints, etc.  But not just any, it's always important to buy the person's favourite. 
4. Unstoppables.  This will be a new one. I tired these after I saw Erika talk about them a few times, and they are awesome.
5. Mini Liquor Bottles or some craft beers.  Obviously not appropriate if the person doesn't drink much but is an opportunity to try something new.
5. Paperbacks.  Books can be gifts all on their own, but it's also fun to get some less serious books to stick in someone's stocking, maybe not one they would buy for themselves.
6. Oranges.  This is a tradition for a lot of older people when they didn't get oranges year round so they were truly a special treat.  I like to put them in stockings as reminder of simpler times.
7. Toiletry items are really only good if you're very familiar with what the person likes. We have avoided them for the past few years because we have been travelling.  I know I need a few things this year, so maybe I'll drop some hints (ahem, shaving cream, razor blades, mascara, deodorant, toothbrush).
8. A new ornament. Some people are ornamented out, but I am always looking for something cute and different.
9. Different spices or sauces for cooking.  The grocery store is filled with specialty items now.
10. Gift cards in small denominations - Starbucks, iTunes, etc. Always welcome and put to good use.
Do you have big stockings or more modest sized ones?  Do you wrap your stocking gifts or is the stocking itself enough?  Do you open stockings first? Are you forced to eat breakfast before opening gifts?
Happy Friday!


  1. Love these. Magazines and books are my fave to get in stockings!

  2. You have totally inspired me. Love it, thanks!

  3. We have big stockings at our house, it's definitely one of my favorite things to fill. Love your ideas, that's pretty much what we do each year as well.