Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Recap

Phew! What a whirlwind of activity over the past few days!  Enjoying our new home, our visiting family, and creating memories.

We had lobster on the Monday before Christmas.  What a treat.  E tried some this year and enjoyed a couple of bites.

On Christmas Eve we walked down the street for some last minute gifts, some bread for Christmas morning, and some oysters.  After a light lunch I worked on our Rockefeller Center puzzle we got in New York last year, while the boys watched some TV and Mom wrapped gifts.

I made a couple of salads for an early supper before church.

Our church had a wonderful "orchestra" of some professional musicians along with some children, and it was so nice to hear them play.  There was a little girl with the smallest violin I've ever seen.

Then we went home to make some appetizers - Oriental Pack from M and M Meats, oysters, baked brie, and cookies.

As soon as we got home from church E set out a carrot for the reindeer, and a cookie (only one!) and a glass of milk for Santa.  He was ready to go to bed so he told us it was time to get in his pyjamas and after one story he was asleep.  We stayed up a bit longer, finished the puzzle, played crib, and watched part of a movie.
Making sure his stocking is ready!

We "slept in" until 7:30 on Christmas morning, and then had a full morning opening gifts.
E's stocking and Santa presents.  Empty plate and cup.  Note, Cuddly Pal is part of the festivities of course!

My stocking.

Dave's stocking

I got many nice gifts, including a new lap top that I am typing on right now.  The other one was getting a little sad.  I'm hoping I can do some new things with this blog in the coming months and maybe this computer will help.

E got 1600 pieces of Lego from Santa, and a bunch of other fun toys and books from family and friends.  We (being the parents) got him some clothes, shoes, and a new snowsuit.  He was excited about his new coat though since it is orange, his favourite colour.
Someone is excited about the Lego!

Our new whirligig from the Dory Shop Museum in my hometown.

We rounded out the day with a walk/bike ride to the park, and a turkey dinner.

On Boxing Day we started another new tradition of going to the movies.  I had taken E to the movies when he was a little baby for the Mommy and Baby showings, but this was his first real movie experience, and he loved it.  We took the subway downtown and saw Big Hero 6.  This is a great movie by the way; very enjoyable for parents as well.  After the movie we got some snacks and drinks at a restaurant and then headed home.

We were so happy to have family with us to help celebrate the holidays.  We were missing those that were not with us, both those living and those who have died, but we enjoy and appreciate what we have.
One of my favourite things was hanging out with this guy!

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  1. It was a pleasure to have shared this Christmas with you. We enjoyed all of your highlights in today's blog. But mostly just being with you and experiencing the love that fills your family home and life! Thanks for all of it! Enjoy every moment. Cheers to another day!