Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favourites

Linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favourites.

This is my new favourite picture, and wallpaper on my phone. We took this on the plane on our way back from Halifax.  It is hard to get a good posed picture of E because he is always trying to make silly face.  This is a nice one!

We are going to a wedding this weekend, and I am going to wear this dress.   I'm sure I'll look just like the model, haha.

I made this yummy salad for supper earlier this week and then we got to enjoy the leftovers for lunch too.  I added a breast and a half of rotisserie chicken.  Here is the recipe I used. 

I walked E to school on Wednesday and got to see him playing with his friends.  This is him (on the left) actually sitting properly on the rocks waiting for the bell to ring. 

I played golf in a tournament this week and we all got a free pair of golf shoes.  There were a few choices, but I liked these green and purple ones.  

So many terrible stories this past week in the news, sometimes this is the only thing I can think is this:

Enjoy your weekend. 

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