Monday, June 20, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday (on Monday)

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday (although I'm posting this on Monday since we are taking Monday off for a long weekend).

Today's topic is Pets. 

We don't have any pets.  We may get some in years to come but we aren't ready yet.  I would like a cat, I think Dave would like a dog.  If you ask E, he would probably first say he'd like a dog, but I think he could be easily swayed to a cat.  

I had a pet cat growing up, her name was G.G. and she was a lovely cat, about 5 pounds and fluffy grey and white.  

When I was in first year university, we got our second cat.  I named him Ashley (after Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind).  He is also grey and white and lives with my parents in Nova Scotia.  He is getting old and is never that interested in cuddling with me when we visit, but he is tolerant of E.

Dave grew up with a dog, Pebbles, and cat, Bimbo, but I don't have any pictures of them.

If we ever decide to get a pet, I would definitely go to a shelter to pick one.  There are always so many lovely cats there.  My preference for a dog would be a standard poodle, although I know they need a lot of exercise.  I know several people with standard poodles and they seem lovely, and they don't shed.  The shedding doesn't seem to bother me with a cat for some reason, but it would with a dog.  


  1. We are solid shelter pet people too. There are so many wonderful animals there.

  2. Cats are my favorite - love how fluffy they both look!