Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nova Scotia Goodies

E and I are travelling to Nova Scotia next weekend to visit my family.  It thought I would share some special food related things about Nova Scotia:

Grand Pre Wine - We served the L'Acadie Blanc at our wedding and I usually try to pick up a bottle when I am home.  Pro tip, the restaurant at the Halifax airport serves it too!  I ordered it the last time we were there along with the fish cakes, a very tasty meal, especially for the airport!  While I was finding the link for this post, I see that they ship, so I may have to place an order in October.

Breweries - Nova Scotia is known for its beer, including the one near and dear to my heart, Alexander Keiths.  But there are also a number of great microbreweries.  I posted about two of them last summer.

Scallops - Sure, you can get scallops in Ontario, but I usually don't get them unless I'm in Nova Scotia.

Lobster - East Coast lobster is the best lobster in the world.  We usually have lobster at Christmas and I probably won't have any when I am home this time.  I will actually have some here on Saturday when I go to a lobsterfest, but I am assured the lobster is straight from Shelburne County.

Oysters - Another delicacy I won't get to enjoy this visit, but maybe next time.  One year when we went to Cape Breton, we stopped along the way and picked up some fresh ones.  We like them with fresh horseradish, a mignonette, and lemon.

Irving Big Stop - The Irving gas station is a common sight along the highways of the Maritimes.  Some of them have restaurants in them and when I have stopped for a meal, I often get the hot turkey sandwich.  The other popular item is a club sandwich.

Blueberry Grunt - The only blueberries I knew for many years are the small wild blueberries, not the large cultivated ones that are popular in Ontario.  Blueberry grunt is simmered blueberries with dumplings on top.  I would make it here, but it isn't the same with the large berries, and the wild ones are so expensive.  When we go to Cape Breton later this summer, maybe we can pick some of our own and make it there.

Just Us Coffee - You may have heard of this company before.  They were founded in Nova Scotia with the vision of bringing free trade coffee to Canadians.  They often sell it at our church and I have bought a few of these.  I see they have a cafe in Halifax so I will try to visit while I am there.  They also sell free trade sugar and chocolate.


  1. Now you have me wanting to visit ns? are you not having lobster because of the pregnancy?

    1. No, just because lobster season is over this weekend and my parents wouldn't be able to get any straight from the fishermen, like the would normally do. I don't usually order lobster in a restaurant so I won't bother when I'm home.
      I'm only avoiding the raw oysters (and the wine, and the beer), which is bad enough as it is!! ;)