Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

Our weekend really started on Thursday, which also happened to be my birthday.  We had enjoyed my cake earlier in the week, but I got my gifts to open on Thursday morning.  I got lots of nice things.

Then we all headed to the airport.  Dave was off to Prince Edward Island for his annual golf trip, and this year E and I were going to Halifax to visit my family, and some friends.  

Enjoying some lunch at the airport. 

Watching the planes

 Enjoying my birthday drink from Starbucks. 

Happy Birthday to me!!  Homemade cake by my mom and some more lovely gifts. 

The next morning, E got up to hang out with Nana, and the kitty came to snuggle with me in bed for a little bit :)

It was a chilly day in Halifax, so instead of the playground, we decided to visit the new library. (With  a quick stop at Starbucks and a free iced tea from David's tea). 

We started by writing down our favourite things about the ocean on a piece of paper shaped like a sea creature.  E asked how to spell "surfboarding" which I thought was an interesting but good choice. 

Reading in a tent set up on the children's floor.

Even a lego table (and video games, iPads, and toddler toys)

The view from the top floor

Happy Pride Month!

One of my friends from university, Katie, and her son, came to meet us for lunch.  I forgot to get a picture of us, but I did get E wearing his Mexican wrestling mask/children's menu from Mexicali Rosa's.

When we got back, we had a rest, and then it warmed up a bit, so we sat outside for a minute and then walked to the park. 

The next morning the weather had greatly improved.  We went down to the waterfront and found this fun playground. 

Then we walked over to the brewery market. When I lived in Halifax, this was the main Saturday morning market with lots of fresh produce, local treats, crafts, gifts, etc.  Now, most of the vendors have moved to the new Seaport Market and the Halifax Forum market.  A few are still left in the brewery, but nothing like it used to be.  

We found these fun donuts.  E had the chocolate sprinkle one, my mom had walnut crunch, and mine was lemon tarragon.  They were tasty. 

Then we met up with my friend and her son and climbed aboard the Harbour Hopper for a tour of Halifax.  I had never been on this tour but was quite familiar with it after working on the waterfront for several years while in university.  It is an old amphibious army vehicle that drives on the streets and then goes into the water.  

A pretty good restaurant in Halifax, McKelvies!

Citadel Hill.  This summer they are celebrating some 100 year anniversaries of World War I, and feature some real life trenches so you can experience what the soldiers did in WWI. 

Melissa and Charlie

St. Matthew's United Church, where Dave and I got married!

Into the water, hold on tight!

Happy to be in the water.

Salty's!! Where I spent many summers working on the patio.  We went back later for lunch.  The mussels were even better than I remember, and the spinach salad is still the best.  E enjoyed the fish and chips, and we got to sit outside and enjoy the view.

Theodore Tugboat!  E didn't know who the character was, since the show isn't on TV anymore, but any sort of boat with a face and hat is pretty neat!

Lunch on the patio

Silly boys!  We told them they could act as silly as they wanted to for the photo, which was more welcome than the "stand still and smile" instructions we gave above.

A beautiful day on the waterfront.  Next time we visit, we will go to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and the Citadel.  I think E would enjoy both.

We enjoyed a lovely family meal that night with everyone.  My uncle cooks an amazing meal, and were spoiled all weekend.  I also had a cherry pie, made by my mom. 

On Sunday morning, we got up to a dreary day so we had a relaxing morning around the house before going to the airport.  We were delayed leaving Halifax because of some high winds in Toronto, but we eventually made it.  E kept himself busy with Angry Birds, and some shows on the airplane, and I read a book and had a little nap.

Waiting to take off. 

Poor E got sick when we were landing, the turbulence was a little too much for him, and then we had to sit on the tarmac and that didn't help matters.  I had a change of clothes for him, but my dress, scarf and sweater were a little worse for the wear.  Thankfully I had a pack of wet kleenex that we used to clean up.   As soon as we were off the plane, he was fine again.  
We were happy to get home, but loved spending some time in Halifax!


  1. Great birthday weekend! You took some beautiful photos. A blue sky and sun makes everything look fabulous!

  2. What a packed trip! Looks like a wonderful time with your family!

  3. great family get together! I'm sure your mom was on cloud nine to see you both and spend time with you and Everett.