Monday, October 24, 2016

E's Star Wars Party

We had E's 5th birthday party on Saturday afternoon at our house. I posted last year about hosting birthday parties, and I stuck to my usual routine again this year.  Some people commented on hosting a birthday party three weeks after having a baby, but it is E's birthday and it's not like I could skip it.  We did a lot of pre-planning, powered through and it turned out really well.   

I found these invitations at Party City, and then hand delivered them the day before I had Q.  Since we were only inviting some kids from E's class I wanted to avoid giving them out in school.  
I don't remember where I got this felt banner but it has been a good investment. 

When the kids arrived, they played with some homemade light sabres (long balloons with black duct tape on the bottom).  After they went a little nuts with those we went down to the basement where they ran wild for a few more minutes.  Then we went upstairs to start our crafts.  I had visions of the kids gathered around the table, calmly doing the craft, but then after the wildness when they first arrived, I wasn't sure that would happen.  However, when I called them upstairs for the craft, this is exactly what happened!!

This is my template for the R2-D2.  I gave everyone their own outline and then cut out some blue tissue paper and white and red shapes and away they went. 

Then we made this Chewbacca puppet. 

They liked that so much they wanted to do another one, so I cut up some gold tissue paper and threw down some white paper bags and they made a C3PO puppet too. 

These are E's finished products. 

Then we tidied that up and I called the kids back to the table for supper (one kid even helped to set the table!).  We had homemade macaroni and cheese, and some raw veggies. Some kids didn't like the mac and cheese but were happy with peanut butter and bread.  

Cake time was up next! Dave took a video of singing happy birthday but no still photos.  This is the cake, BB-8.  I didn't design this and I had to modify it slightly because our cake was smaller, but it turned out well.  The kids recognized it so that's all I could ask for.  Plus it was tasty and everyone likes cake!  I also served mango and strawberries, and those were also popular. 

This is Q's party style, no pants and asleep the whole time. 

Opening gifts before the parents came back for the kids. 

For the treat bags, I made these blue and white cookies (my thought being they were like R2-D2. 

And then added those cookies to the bags with a plastic drinking cup and a Star Wars learn to read book. 

It was a fun party, but we were all tired at the end of it.  It was also great that our friend (whose two kids were at the party) stayed and helped us out, although we agreed that we have made the right career choices that do not include teaching children :)


  1. I am impressed! Great looking cake! Learn to read with Star Wars....sure a far cry from Dick and Jane! What fun!

  2. What a fun evening. And yeah hats off to you for doing it so soon after q! Love the cake and crafts