Thursday, October 27, 2016

November Goals

I did not make any set goals for October, the basic one being to survive life with a newborn, which has been successful!

But for November, I wanted to get some set goals back on the table.

1. Get our flu shots.  We are full supporters of vaccinations, so I don't want to hear any of your anti-vac rhetoric here!  I just need to figure out if we should go to our doctor's office to get them or just a local clinic. 

2. Start planning for our annual Christmas party.  This will pretty much be the same as the last two years, but will still require some planning.  See last year's party here.

3. Have some of E's friends over for playdates.  He has been to other peoples' houses but we didn't want to have anyone here until we were somewhat settled with Q.  I think we are ready to invite some friends over and E loves it when he does have people here. 

4. Organize our winter clothes.  This is a standard one, figuring out what we need for coats and boots, and putting away our flip flops and shorts. 

5. Start writing in Q's baby book.  I did a good job of completing most of E's book during his first year and I don't want the second child to be left out of this.  I have a book, I just need to start writing in it. 


  1. We are flu shot people here too but my kids give soooo much trouble to get it, we might skip this year as they're no longer high risk!! I need to organize clothes too! And plan Christmas parties!!

  2. My kids were offered the flu mist at the local No Frills pharmacy! Last year, the mist was ineffective, but this year they found it to be equally effective. I don't think it makes a difference if you go to the doctor's office or a local clinic.

    I hope you are settling in to life with a newborn nicely! Lots of people at church have been asking about you.