Monday, October 31, 2016

Let's Talk - October

Today's topic is recipes - what's cooking in your kitchen lately.

We cook a lot at our house, and part of that is because of the planning we do.  We make a meal plan each week and try to cook ahead when we can so it doesn't take long to throw together a meal when it is time to eat. Now that I am on mat leave I have all day to prep meals and pick up odds and ends for recipes so I can be a more flexible. 

Now that the cold weather is here, we will be eating more stews and soups.  You can find a lot of the recipes we use on my Pinterest boards.  You can find me at "Sarah Mac" (and my photo is me and E on a tobaggan).  I usually go here first when I am planning meals as there are a few standards

Our favourite cookbooks are mostly the same as they were with a few additions.  Here is our shelf of cookbooks today.  I will consult these for some old favourites or for some new ideas after I get tired of my Pinterest recipes.  

I also have a bigger sweet tooth than I thought I had, and since I am home all day now I am often searching around for something sweet to snack on, and mostly just end up with a handful of chocolate chips.  I want to make more cookies and sweet breads.  I have Pinterest boards for desserts and for breads, and I plan on baking a bit more.

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