Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

How is time for another What's up Wednesday post?!  This month has flown by. Linking up with ShaySheaffer, and Mel.

What we're eating this week...
Sunday - turkey burgers, salad
Monday - Cabbage Roll Casserole
Tuesday - leftover casserole
Wednesday - Risotto
Thursday - Roasted Garlic and Shrimp Pasta
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - to be determined

What I'm reminiscing about...
Q is a month old tomorrow (!) and we just celebrated E's 5th birthday and so I am reminiscing about when E was a baby.  Reminiscing may be the wrong word, rather trying to remember life with a newborn, like what is normal, and what sort of "schedule" we are supposed to be on.  Are we doing this "right"? Were we doing it right with E?  What else should we be doing?  Overall I think we are doing fine, but these are the thoughts we have. 

E (I don't think this looks like him at all now!)


What I'm loving...
Our new fireplace.  It hasn't been that cold yet but when we have had it on, it is nice and cozy.  I can picture coming down on winter mornings, enjoying coffee and sitting by the fire.  

What we've been up to...
Enjoying the fall weather, keeping Q fed and in a clean diaper, making food, and building new toys and lego sets that E got for his birthday.
What I'm dreading...
I think I said the same thing last year at this time, but I am dreading the yard clean up.  The leaves are already starting to pile up.  I can't really do as much as I want to, and Dave will be doing most of the heavy lifting, but I will still help out as much as I can.  
(last year)

What I'm working on...
Trying to accomplish things around the house while still taking it easy. I like to keep busy and complete tasks, but I also know it is important to enjoy time with Q while he is little.  He is a good little boy who sleeps well during the day and there is nothing like holding a snuggly newborn, especially when you know it doesn't last long. 

What I'm excited about...
Tomorrow will be four weeks since Q was born so I can drive again!  Driving restrictions can be up to 6 weeks but last time I waited 4 weeks and was fine, plus I have no pain and can move around like normal so I think I'm ready.  Although I am able to easily walk to do most things I need to do, now I can go grocery shopping and pick up E from school. 

What I'm watching/reading...
We are watching Westworld (which I insist on calling Westwood), The Walking Dead, and we are back to watching The Wire (which is now available on demand).  I also watch a lot of HGTV and Food Network during the day, and when there is nothing else on, I watch Friends and Mad Men on Netflix.  And I love the new show This is Us.

I'm just finishing up our book club selection (to be featured on next Wednesday's post), and have a few other books sitting around.

What I'm listening to...
All the construction in our neighbourhood.  I am not used to being home during the day but it is a busy place!  They are building a house, fixing another one, and they cut down that tree next door too.  
(The final felling of the tree)

What I'm wearing...
My wardrobe basically consists of yoga pants, tank tops and pyjamas.  I need to bring up my pre-maternity clothes from the basement so I have shirts that fit.  I can wear my maternity jeans, but not much else.  I remember wearing lots of skirts and tights last time so I think I will try that again.  I also want to get some real leggings and some longer tops. 

What I'm doing this weekend...
My dad and his wife are in town so we will be doing something with them.  It is also the annual St. Joe's Halloween Fest on Sunday so we will go to that, and one of our neighbours is hosting a party beforehand.  For those of you who remember Sharon Lois and Bram, you will be jealous to know that Sharon and Bram (Lois died last year) will be performing at the festival!! I think the parents will be more excited than the kids, but The Elephant Song is catchy enough for them to catch on quickly. 

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Some birthday parties, book club, our trip to Halifax for my cousin's wedding, my Stella and Dot party, and getting ready for Christmas!

What else is new...
Q and I going to school with E on Friday morning for show and tell.  The class has taken turns talking about their families this month and they were allowed to bring a parent and a younger sibling (if available).  I printed some photos and E has thought about a few things that we like to do as family (camping, playing and watching sports, cooking, etc.).  I told him he has to speak, I'm not there to talk for him, and he said if he forgets what to say then I can whisper it to him.

What is my favourite Halloween memory/tradition/photo?
This was E on Halloween when he was ten days old.  I still this outfit for Q but I don't think he'll fit in it for Halloween this year.  He can wear the hat though. 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. that is a lovely family pic of you guys. I wish I had a newborn to snuggle! You are so busy-- when I had a newborn, I could barely wash my hair!