Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Recap

This first photo is actually from Thursday night.  I didn't get out for a walk that day, so we ate an early supper and walked around the block after that.  We stopped at the park to play baseball.  

On Friday evening, we went to our Queen Margarita Pizza for supper.  This was Q's first trip to a restaurant, and my first time ordering wine with my dinner for a long time!

Working hard on his word search.

Saturday morning consisted of Dave cleaning the house and E going to Sportball.  They played volleyball.  (The square in this photo are from the window, not a net)

Then we enjoyed our lunch outside in the warm sun. 

We put up some more fall and Halloween decorations, sat outside in the sun, played with sidewalk chalk, talked to our neighbours, and then headed inside for the Blue Jays game. 

What ghost!?

We had leftover stew from the freezer, but I thought we needed something else, so I made cheese bacon tea biscuits.

On Sunday morning, Dave went for a run and then we all went to get groceries.  When Dave went out for his haircut, we played with some cars and magformers. 

This was Q's Sunday afternoon, cozy in his blanket.

We finished off our weekend with some lasagna, Green Bay football and other Sunday night shows. 

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