Thursday, August 3, 2017

East Coast Travels - New Brunswick

The second leg of our journey took us to New Brunswick for a few days.  We left Quebec City on a Tuesday morning bound for Woodstock.  After driving for about 800 km on our first day, we were pleasantly surprised that this part of the car ride was only about 500 km so we had plenty of time to get to where we were going.

Rivière-du-Loup was too close for a stop so we picked Degelis instead.  We found the local school and pulled in for some snacks (cheese strings, yoghurt tubes, apples, and animal crackers) and so E could play on the playground.  Then we stopped in Grand Falls for lunch and a quick walk down to the Falls and Gorge.  Unfortunately not much water running through, but still an impressive sight.

Dave loves being on the edge of a cliff.

Then we made our way to Dave's cousin's house in Woodstock.  They have three boys for E to play with and I felt like I barely saw him the whole time we were there (which was good because Q was not himself and did not sleep well and didn't want to be put down very much).  Adam and Amy were also able to take two days off work to spend time with us, and we appreciated that!

Mad chaos at breakfast (well, not really, but five boys and four adults makes it fun)

After hanging out for a little bit, we went over to a big field by the high school to launch some rockets.  E had never done this before and thought it was pretty great.  Each boy got to set up their own.

After lunch and some quiet time, we went to the splash pad and playground.  It was hot there but the water was cool and we found some shade.

Back home to relax before supper.  Dave's aunt and uncle, who also live in Woodstock, came over for supper and we had a nice visit with them.

After supper, we had a bonfire and a round of charades.  We don't write anything down, everyone just makes up whatever they want to do.  Playing charades with little kids is hilarious, they all get it but their choices cracks me up.   W (who is also 5) acted out a hot dog which we had a hard time getting, and then he did "juicy pickle" which is very similar to a hot dog.  N (7) did "sad pig".  We laughed and laughed and everyone enjoyed themselves. 

The next morning we drove up to the land that Dave's aunt and uncle have on the Saint John River between Nackawic and Woodstock.  They have a little A frame cabin, and a dock for fishing.  We made some lunch, the boys went fishing (and then swimming), and chatted.  It was very pleasant on the water and I wish I could have just sat there with a book all afternoon. 

We packed up the next morning and drove to Saint John (with an obligatory stop at the Waasis Big Stop). 

We have the same picture with E in this canoe when he was about the same age as Q.

Our friend Alanna (from law school) lives in Saint John.  We asked if we could stay with them on our way through and she said yes, of course, and since they were going to their cottage in Browns Flat for weekend we got to stay there.  They have a big rustic log cabin built in the 1930s and her mother has the little cottage right next door built in 1908.  Since her mom was away we got to sleep there.  It looked like a magazine spread so I had to take some photos. 

We spent some time down by the river (she has two sweet little girls) until E got stung by a bee, and then we moved the party up to the cottage.  Alanna had a bouncy castle so the kids played on that.  Q napped on the screened in porch.

Gin and tonics on the deck for the girls, bottles for the boys.

We had a great visit with them and really enjoyed the cottages.  Thank you for having us!  This beautiful sunrise greeted us in the morning.

In the morning we drove to Saint John to meet with some more cousins of Dave's, this time on his mother's side.  They all met us for breakfast at Cora's (and we stopped in to see Chris afterwards who was working).

Then we went uptown for an hour before catching the ferry to Digby.  I spent a year in Saint John and it is a great city.  I wish we had more time to eat at some of our favourite spots and see a few more people.  

A bottle for Q at King's Square.

The City Market

Then we went to the ferry terminal, waited for a little bit, and boarded the ship.

Next stop Nova Scotia.

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  1. It was great company and hope you guys consider stopping in next time you are through! BTW - i'm pumped to have made the blog!