Thursday, August 31, 2017

Monthly Goals

I missed doing monthly goals for August because I didn't post during the last week of July.  Therefore my goals for July were:

Give some baby clothes to our neighbour and donate the rest.  Done.  

Buy some new work clothes for myself.  I have not done this yet.  I have good basic clothes so I have enough to get buy for now.  I do need to buy a suit or two. 

Get Q ready for daycare.  Done.  There is still a bit of shuttling items back and forth each day, but we have a handle on it, and he loves going to his new school.  We get reports and photos sent to us throughout the day on the Hi Mama app.  Here are a few.

Try some new restaurants in our neighbourhood.  Dave and I tried Lit, but we haven't had the opportunity to try the others yet.  I still have a few more weeks of part time work so hopefully we can grab lunch there a few times while I still have some days at home.

Book a hotel for New York and start planning what we are going to do.  Done.  Now to organize some restaurants ideas and maybe tickets to a show.

My goals for September are:

1. Clean out my drawers and closet.  A recurring theme, but it always needs to be done.
2. Get a haircut.
3. Finish writing in Q's baby book.  I haven't written anything for a few months so I need to do it soon before I forget everything.  It's only a book for his first year, so I don't have much left to do.
4. Bake more breads/muffins/cookies for breakfasts and school lunches.  It's so much easier when we have these ready to go.
5. Bring my lunch to work instead of buying it.  I used to be very good at this, and since I've been back I've gotten into the habit of buying something.  

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