Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Workin' it Wednesday

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Today's topic is getting ready for back to school.  It may seem a little early to be thinking about this, but school starts in less than a month and it's time to get ready!  

First of all I need to enjoy the "lazy" days of summer.  We aren't exactly lazy but we don't have as many commitments for the rest of August.  I always feel like we are in a whirlwind from September to Christmas and this year will be no exception.  

E is starting Grade 1 this year and although they don't have a list of school supplies to purchase, he does need a new backpack and lunch bag.  I also want to get a few things for his desk at home so we can keep up with his school work.  
He's had a Herschel backpack for the past two years and I really like them.  The new model has a chest strap and an outside water bottle holder.

They also have matching pencil cases.

He will need some new pants and long sleeved shirts, and shoes of course!  I know I'm not alone in this, but my child busts through his sneakers like they are made of paper.  
I love these joggers.

and a good henley.

I'm also starting to think about extra-curricular activities.  Both kids will do swimming lessons during the week.  I've found a couple of options for basketball on Saturday mornings for E and a parent/tot gymnastics class for Q, but I need to confirm a few details before I can sign up.

(I know this is soccer, not basketball, but it's sports related)

I also want to think of new ideas for lunches.  I did a pretty good job of filling up his lunch bag last year and this summer for camp.  It helps that E eats mostly everything.  Things that definitely help are the thermos for leftovers, putting lemon juice on a cut up apple, sunflower seed butter (SunButter, no nuts, safe for schools) and jam sandwiches, and keeping wraps in the freezer to make an impromptu quesadilla.  I'd like to try to make more homemade baked goods, even though they are treats, at least I've made them instead of resorting to another packaged snack.
Cupcakes are healthy right?  Well if you call them muffins, you can get away with anything!

Bring on Grade One!

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