Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekend Recap

 I was not working on Friday, as usual, so I went to Ikea with Q for a few things in the morning.  I have had a running list for awhile and finally got there to buy those things - plastic cups and bowls, roll of craft paper, and cutting board, and then I had to buy some paper napkins because I always do, and we also got some square storage containers and a mat for the front entryway.  The Sherway Gardens Farmers Market has moved across the street from the Ikea to the church parking lot so we went over there afterwards and picked up some melon and bread and sausage rolls.  I used to go to that market often and I do love it.

After lunch, while Q was napping, Dave and I went through E's closet to organize it.  Then I took on the monumental task of organizing his clothes.  I cleaned out all of the clothes in his drawers that are too small, and then went through the other clothes from age 2 to 5 and moved some things around.  I'm happy I got that done!

We went over to our neighbours' house for supper.  It was so nice not to have to cook supper and we loved the company.
 Sure, you can eat chips after supper.

On Saturday morning, I cut this tomato for a cream cheese and tomato sandwich for my breakfast. I couldn't believe how red this tomato was so I had to take a photo.

After nap time, we went out to Burlington to visit our friends who had just bought a new house.  We had lunch with them and had a nice visit. 

Their yard is huge!  We'll be back next summer when the pool is installed ;)

Dave's parents spent the night with us on Saturday.  They were on their way home from Nova Scotia and they were picking up E to have him visit with them for a few days.  We had ribs for supper and they were so good, but I forgot to take a photo. 

They left mid morning and in the afternoon I went to get my nails done.  While I was up the street I also got a coffee and cookie and read my book.   It was a nice afternoon.

After Q woke up we went for a walk to the park and played in the grass for a little bit.

We had an easy supper, and Q tried real milk (not formula) for the first time.  He liked it!

After he went to bed, I did a few things on the computer, Dave watched his new show "I'm Dying Up Here" and then we made up a charcuterie board and some martinis to watch Game of Thrones.  

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  1. Fun weekend. Q is looking sooo big and how nice that E is able to spend some 1 on 1 with the grandparents!