Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Favourites

Welcome to Friday!  We did it, another busy week in the books. 

This week I took Q with me to E's soccer game because Dave was at the Raptor game.  Q had a great time sitting on the bench with his cheerios cup and water.  He waved his arms around and hollered at the boys too!

E was goalie for the second half and he made some great saves!

I saw the trailer for Black Panther and I think I'd actually like to see it.  I am not usually into these superhero movies but I love most of the cast so I'm interested.

The woman that runs the fitness class I attend on Thursdays recommends this lemon elixir.  She recognizes that although the ingredients may lend themselves to some health benefits, it could all be a bunch of hooey.  At any rate, they can't hurt you, so a few times I have made a bottle of it and taken it to work to drink throughout the day.  It's very refreshing and is more fun to drink than just water.

We only have a few Valentines decorations and I got them out this week.  On the weekend I will put them up.  Last year we made a few St. Patrick's Day crafts so I want to find some for Valentine's Day too that can become our decorations in years to come. 

Have a happy weekend, it's finally not January!!

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  1. The Lemon Elixir sounds refreshing. I'll have to try it!