Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day falling in the middle of the week we didn't have any big plans, but we did do some special things with the kids and lots of love was shared.

These were E's Valentine's cards for his classmates and other friends.  They were hologram Star Wars with three different images as you turned them back and forth.  For the first two years of school it was a challenge to get him to write out his cards, but this year he was very excited to do it and completed them weeks in advance. 

A few special gifts ready for my boys.

We read some stories of love throughout the week.

Q opening his present and looking at his card

E was excited about his card too. They both got new outfits to wear on the day.  E was like "we need to go downstairs and see what the bunny left", so I had to remind him the bunny is for Easter and Valentine's Day is just what he gets from us.  I think the foiled heart candies threw him off.

A special treat for school - chocolate cake with heart sprinkles

Here they are in their new outfits.  I ordered it all from Old Navy on Friday and it all showed up on Monday at my office, so much for 7-9 days for shipping!

When I got home I founds some flowers and a cake 

We had a nice dinner of pasta with chicken and garlic bread and a nice bottle of wine.   I actually forgot to get a photo of Dave and me before we changed into our comfy clothes and I had a shower (although that would be a real life photo) so here is a photo of us from new years

Hope your day was full of love as well. 

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